Sharpening with quick sharpeners and honing steels

Sharpening with the Tokico® knife sharpener

The majority of commercial knife sharpeners are not suitable for use on Japanese high-quality knives. One exception is the Tokico knife sharpener (No. 705373) which sharpens any single- and double-bevel blades easily and quickly. Simply wet the blade and pull it through the slits 3-10 times. The attainable degree of sharpness is limited by the relatively coarse 400 grit of the stones.

Sharpening with ceramic sharpening rods

In contrast to sharpening steels, ceramic hones or sharpening rods not only straighten the blade, but also remove a small amount of material. The result can therefore actually be referred to as grinding.

If you use the ceramic hone regularly, basic sharpening is unnecessary. Regularly means that the hone is briefly pulled over the blade at least after every third use of the knife.

Ceramic sharpening rods become clogged over time and therefore need to be cleaned every now and then with a rough kitchen sponge and some washing-up liquid. Can be used dry or wet.

The Edge Pro Ceramic Hone (No. 708587) is ideal for quick and uncomplicated resharpening of carving and hook knives, as well as European knives. The Kyocera Ceramic Sharpening Rod (No. 727963) made of Kyocera special ceramic has a coarse side for grinding and fine side for honing.

Sharpening with natural quick sharpening stones

The sharpening method is similar to using a ceramic sharpening rod, but achieves better results. The natural stone enables fine material removal and quickly produces a honing, polishing paste that gives the blade a beautiful shine. They consist of Finnish phyllite: the main components of which are quartz, feldspar and mica.

The quality of natural stones varies, so all the stones have to be worked individually by hand in order to sort out and separate harder and impure material. With phyllite, even very hard steel can still be ground and sharpened very well.

The stones should be wet with water before use. Permanent storage in water is not recommended. Approx. 1500 grit.

Finnish stone for quick sharpening of knives (No. 745210) with sufficient length that is popular with chefs around the world.

Also made of Finnish phyllite is this handy quick sharpening stone (No. 745209) to go. In the Viking Age, small whetstones were often worn as pendants. This is a replica of an artefact found in Viking York.

Sharpening with diamond honing sharpeners

The Nano-Strop™ Sharpening Tool (No. 711225), specially designed for honing knife edges, impresses with its 400 mm long diamond-based honing stone (grit 10 microns). Its even surface is perfect for creating ultra-sharp blades, which is achieved by moving the knife diagonally across the stone’s entire surface as with a stop or steel. This makes it both easy and very quick to use, allowing you to sharpen your knives in a matter of seconds. Supplied with handle for ergonomic sharpening by hand or for working on tables and kitchen worktops. Suitable for both wet and dry sharpening.

Nano-Strop Sharpening Tool NS-310 (Nr.711225) 

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