Maintenance products and accessories

After sharpening, each blade needs some special care. To prevent corrosion, apply an acid-free rust-prevention oil, like camellia oil (No. 705280) or Ballistol (No. 705270). For removing dirt or grime, we recommend the polish and whetting paste Gundel-Putz (No. 705262) for cleaning resinified tool blades we recommend Ballistol Resin Solvent (No. 705524).

A thin application of oil does more than prevent rust. It also improves the running action of many tools, like chisels, scissors or the soles of bench planes.

Sinensis Kamelienöl
Ballistol Universalöl
Gundel-Putz Polier- und Abziehpaste
Ballistol Harzlöser, Pump-Spray, 110 ml

To combat slight rusting you can use a rust eraser (No. 711160-711163), for tenacious rust take rust remover (No. 705487). A waterproof and non-slip rubber mat (No. 705198) is ideal as a work pad for sharpening with waterstones. The raised rim will retain any water spillage. The relatively soft material also protects freshly sharpened tools placed on the mat.
A water-filled spray bottle (No. 800495) serves to moisten the stones and to rinse off abrasion debris.

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