Pruning and hedge shears


If possible, pruning and hedge shears should be disassembled before sharpening. Only the bevels (facets) are worked on both blades (upper and lower). Use the coarse (blue) DMT mini-hone for rough corrections or to remove nicks from the blade. Use the fine (red) mini-hone for finishing.

DMT Dia Sharp Mini Hone Set (No. 706282).

DMT Dia Sharp Mini Hone Set

Assembly / Disassembly

  • Make sure you use appropriate wrench sizes to avoid damaging the screws
  • When assembling the tool, you also adjust the blades; do not overtighten the screw, and check that the tool works smoothly and easily

Sharpening process

  • Hold the shears securely on a stable surface with one hand
  • Move the hone over the cutting edge from the front, keeping the bevel angle
Ast und Heckenscheren schärfen

Removing the burr

  • To remove the burr, carefully guide the fine hone along the back of the blade
Ast und Heckenscheren schärfen


Pruning shears can get quite dirty because they tend to be used outside and get contaminated with plant juices. To ensure that the shears operate smoothly and to remove the dirt, use Ballistol spray (No. 705445). Spray some oil into the joint and onto the blade and polish the blade with a dry cloth.

Ballistol Universalöl, Spraydose, 200 ml
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